Create Space Visual Design

Create Space Visual Design (formerly Art2Print Studio) is a professional design studio attached to the Mental Health & Wellbeing service at Blackfriars Settlement.

We are supported by The Plant Studio

The Plant are a top London based branding and design studio. They've done work for client's such as Jamie Oliver, CNN, The BFI, Curzon Cinemas, television’s Master Chef and others from the food and hospitality industry such as EAT and Four Seasons Hotels. Since taking Create Space under their wing, they have been an unending source of knowledge, wisdom, encouragement and kindness!

So…What makes Create Space Visual Design unique?

Our design team are made up of people with experience of mental health issues. They are helped with mental health support, design training, improved confidence and work experience in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Together we provide clients with professional, original, creative high quality designs. No matter the job or deadline.

The work our clients give us help with funding the Mental Health & Wellbeing Service, which in turn cares for the mental health and recovery of our designer team. By working on client briefs our designers are given the means to focus on something they enjoy, which gives them respite from mental health problems and aids in their recovery.

We believe in inspiring creativity and making a positive difference to mental health through design.

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