Interview Skills Course Results and Next Course Details

We have just completed another successful interview skills course this week and we had a team of 4 highly skilled professionals from the Lloyds Bank head office doing the mock interviews.

“The representatives from Lloyd’s Bank who conducted our interviews were exceptional. I came away with very on-point advice and confidence and I feel most grateful for their time.” - AR

“Great in-depth feedback. Will take suggestions forward!” - JJ

“I have experienced business culture during my interview Skills training and would use that to improve and express myself when looking for a job.” - US

“The course was very helpful for my future career in hospitality. The mock interview experience was particularly useful, as it gave the opportunity to talk about your passion, your skills and how fast a learner you are.” - AC

“This course is very useful for people who haven’t got any experience with interviews. The people who came from the bank are very professional and they will give you good advice and a good welcome. Also, you will get some good knowledge about how to make a good impression with your CV.” - SP

“I am looking for a part-time job teaching Tai Chi. In this class I learnt lots of interview skills. Thank you very much, teacher Viv!” - YF

“It was very useful to have a practical interview, followed by feedback with experienced senior managers from Lloyd’s Bank.” - JM

“I feel the feedback from my mock interview that I felt was positive, was that I need to speak up a bit more, so people can hear what I’m saying and that I need to do more preparation on giving more examples on questions I’m asked. I also enjoyed being interviewed by the Lloyds TSB people and having an insight into the banking industry, even though it’s not my actual sector of work.” - MC

We wish them luck in getting jobs in the very near future!

Next week we are having our final interview course for Southwark residents . We will be spending the day at SEB banking group on Thursday 23 July and SEB bank staff will be doing the mock interviews – and they will be providing us with lunch.

The course dates are 22, 23 and 24 July . There are a few places still available:
To book a place please call learner support - 07809 377464

For more details see the course flyer