Welcome to Blackfriars Settlement

Summer 2021

Adult Education
New short courses available and courses starting. For more information on all education provision please see: http://www.marywardcentre.ac.uk/ or call 020 7269 6000.

The Mental Health and Well-being Service
continues to offer online and audio-conferencing groups in gentle exercises - Tues, weds 3.55pm, Art therapy – Mondays at 2pm, Women’s voices – Tuesdays 2pm, Members catch up discussion – Weds 2pm, Take pART – art group Thursdays 11am.

From April 21st we return to Blackfriars Settlement for socially distanced small groups in Art therapy – Tuesdays 1:30pm, Coping with Life skills discussion group - Weds 11am, Crafty Art group – Weds 1pm.

Switched On – IT, tech, tablets, online and mobile support continues Online on Monday mornings 11am and at Blackfriars Settlement Tuesdays at 11am.

Our new project Thinking Ahead starts in May offering one to one support and group peer support in identifying personal goals, making plans and taking steps towards achieving your goals, whether it’s making more friends, going back to college, starting a business, eating more healthy food or anything else!!

All groups have limited spaces and are by appointment only so if you are interested, please call or email us on:
Ad: 07716 459314 or Renuka: 07716 458577
email: adonis.christodoulou@blackfriars-settlement.org.uk
email: renuka.bhakta@blackfriars-settlement.org.uk

Click here for our referral form.

The Positive Ageing service
for everyone 60+, is available on 020 7928 9521. We have started some face-to-face sessions and there are also online activities happening. Please have a look at our newsletter (link). Befriending calls can also be arranged for isolated older people. Please call or email for details.
email: Tina.Johnston@blackfriars-settlement.org.uk
email: Eileen.Dacey@blackfriars-settlement.org.uk
email: Sieglinde.Cosias@blackfriars-settlement.org.uk

If you are interested in volunteering to support local people, please email info@blackfriars-settlement.org.uk.

We will update this message with further details as they become available.

Thank you.

Blackfriars Settlement is a registered charity based in London SE1 for over 130 years that aims to create and provide community services and support. Whether you want to learn new skills or to have fun and make friends, we have something to suit you.

All of our work is guided by five aims:

  • Supporting the achievement of individual aspirations
  • Promoting physical and mental well-being and independence for all
  • Promoting learning and development - formal and informal
  • Promoting digital inclusion
  • Being a focal point in the community

Please browse our website to find out what we can do for you.


If you would like to donate to support our services please do so securely here.

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